UX UI Design — UI KIT


Harness the power of a flexible,comprehensive and easy-to-use platform

Keethings Digital Workspace improves the performance of the workforce by digitizing operational processes and providing constant and effective support in daily activities. It is based on an extremely high-performance modular platform, which ensures seamless integration with the software in use in the company, an evolved user management based on roles and skills, and the highest security standards. Keethings can be used on desktops, tablets and smartphones and has an integrated virtual assistant: a real Digital Coworker for a guided and intuitive interaction.

My role

Worked on new product features to improve the user experience and re-design the screen interfaces.

Client testimonial

" We just completed a total re-design of a business chat app for 4.0 industry and Roberto made I great job. Working on refreshing an existing app might be much more difficult than starting from scratch, due to tech/UX constrains and so on... Roberto showed on this very uncommon skills and strong practical approach. "

Fabio Beoni
Developer - Mobile / Web / Firebase / Google Cloud at Keethigns