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    We prefer that all files, logos and designs be created as vector art in FreeHand®. These can be saved as Freehand®, Illustrator® EPS or IllustratorCS® files. Please make sure that fonts are made into outlines or converted to paths.
    Adobe Photoshop® can also be used along with, jpeg’s, tiff’s and psd’s. If you supply this type of digital file please make sure they are high quality images of at least 300 dpi at final size; a logo from a website is not sufficient. Please refer to our
    Acceptable & Unacceptable Artwork section for more information.
    Send your artwork to; artw...@sprintdesign.com.au or mail your CD to SprintDesign, PO Box 7182, Spearwood Western Australia 6163.
    For further information on design requirements please call us internationally on +61 8 9434 4444 or within Australia on 1300 650 525